Sunday, December 4th, 2016

If kayaking is your sport and you own a kayak, then choose a paddle that is right for you. I don’t think you can say there is a perfect paddle, as a paddle suited for each one is different. A kayak paddle can be said to be an extension of your arm, and you need […]

Kayaking is an adventurous sport, and is definitely not meant for the weak-hearted. Whitewater kayaking is a sport that involves paddling a kayak on a whitewater river. Whitewater kayaking is of many types, ranging from gentle waters to dangerous whitewater, involving rapids of 6 grades. Grade I is the slow moving water, while Grade VI […]

There are two general types of kayaks. When I say this, I mean that the types you sit on, and the kind you sit in. They both maneuver well in the water, but you need to figure out which would suit you best. Kayaks and Scuba Diving Let’s talk about the type you sit on. […]